Choosing the Best Dog Beds for Your Puppy to Nap In

Did you know that a dog will sleep about twelve to fourteen hours a day? A dog will pretty much sleep wherever and whenever the urge hits it as long as that nap location is cozy, warm and comfortable. If your dog is anything like mine, then it will probably curl up and nap if it isn’t kept busy or just bored. That’s why it is so important to make sure you play with it for up to an hour every day so it gets some sort of physical exercise, especially if it is home alone for a good portion of the day.

Now that we have established how much our dogs love a good nap, where does your dog do its sleeping? Some have the misconception that your bed or sofa belongs to them and is used exclusively for their naps. While they may like the idea of having a queen-sized bed all to themselves, there does have to be boundaries on where the dog can and should sleep. One way to properly deal with this problem is to give the dog its own personal dog bed.

There are many different styles and varieties of dog beds to choose from. There will be some decision on what kind is the Best Dog Beds though and it often isn’t as easy as one would think. You need to take into consideration the dog’s age and size, durability of the dog bed, and the dog’s sleeping habits when making a decision. Before buying any type of dog bed, remember that the best bed and bedding has to be both warm and comfortable. You’ll also want a dog bed which is large enough to fit your dog as it stretches and when it’s fully grown.

Shapes of dog beds are commonly referred to as nests, balls, or mattresses. To choose the appropriate shape for your dog, watch how it sleeps. If the dog is a curler then you’ll want to buy a nest or ball bed. These provide good cold-weather insulation, allowing the dog to snuggle down inside of them. If the dog likes to stretch out when sleeping, a more conventional dog bed mattress is a better choice. They allow the dog to toss and turn, curl and stretch, and find whatever position is the most comfortable.

Dog beds come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. They can include anything from fluffy towel material to cloth-covered, memory foam beds. Some are specially made for dogs with special needs, illnesses or disabilities such as orthopedic dog beds and others actually have built in heaters. Whatever type of bed you think you dog would be happiest with you can easily find it among such a diverse selection.


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