How To Quickly Toilet Train Your Dog

When I was a police dog handler, one of the very first things we taught our dogs, was to go to the toilet on command. Needless to say, whenever I did school or community displays, everyone and sundry was very impressed when I would give the command to go pee, then after a few seconds I could stop him with another command.

Now, not everyone needs this level of control over their dog, but knowing how to toilet train your dog on command is a very useful training exercise. Especially when you have a brand new puppy, or you have a dog that is becoming a nuisance with its excrement’s.
The thing to remember in how to toilet train your dog is control.

You need to control your dog’s environment.

1. Firstly, you need to consistently feed your dog at the same time every day. I usually break up my dog’s meals into 2 feeds. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Generally dogs, especially puppies will be inclined to go the toilet after eating.

2. After waking, dogs will be more inclined to go to the toilet, so preparing for that time is also advised.

3. During or after exercise. If you are playing with your dog or exercising your dog, they will be more inclined to go as well.
The Next Step In How To Toilet Train Your Dog Is…

Now when you have identified optimal times when the dog is inclined to go the toilet, take the dog to the place you want it to go, and use a command, over and over and over. I used to say, ‘BE QUICK’. The first few times, this will be blah blah blah to the dog but don’t worry about that. Walk around with the dog to keep it moving. If it is taking too long, perhaps run a bit to get it’s metabolism going. Keep repeating the command. As soon as it does it’s business give monumental praise to the dog, even food rewards.

Initially, the dog will have no idea what happened. By then the conditioning process of taking the dog to a particular place at optimal times of the day or night, repeating the command over and over and rewarding the dog for emptying itself, eventually the dog will associate the command with the act. Then, you can place the toilet emptying on command.

This is a repetitive process. But consistency is the key. Don’t expect this to work in 2 days. Expect weeks until you are getting the dog consistently going to the toilet but eventually, you will get there. I hope this helped you understand how to toilet train your dog.


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