The How To: Stopping A Dog From Barking

You love your dog – but he barks – a lot! It can be a real nuisance if you can’t get him to stop. What choices are there in stopping a dog from barking?

You can try tricks that others have used in the past. Dog training and dog obedience schools help train the dog and also teach you how to handle your pet too, so that you can grow a lasting bond with your dog. Exercise for your dog can sometimes be enough to stop that barking.

Of course, sometimes barking is a good thing. Barking is a great way for your dog to alert you when needed. In those cases, showing your dog you understand may be enough to stop the barking. If the barking keeps up, have your dog sit or lay down. When he stops barking reward him so that following your commands becomes pleasurable to him.

It makes sense that if your dog is eating a snack he can’t bark at the same time. Most dogs would rather eat than bark for sure! Your dog will be totally focused on the reward and forget about barking!

If you still are not successful stopping a dog from barking, you might want to use a bark control collar.

Some collars activate when they hear the dog barking, others activate when they feel the vibration from the bark. Neither type is perfect. Both types of collars can be activated by mistake under the right circumstances, which could confuse your dog. There are collars that combine the two methods and these help reduce the false readings.

No matter what you do in stopping a dog from barking, if you are committed to it you can do it and you and your dog will both be happy.


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